KATE MIDDELTON puts her foot and tells monster-in-law CAMILLA where to go, say sources!

AS the pressure of being a royal mounts, Prince William’s beautiful bride is fighting back and showing who IS boss at the palace, say sources.

Kate has told senior royals that at age 29 she’s not ready for William to become King – and made it clear she’ll have a baby on her terms, not when the family dictates.

“Kate is much more self assured since becoming the newest member of the royal family,” said an insider. “She’s making sure her wishes are heard.”

She also harnessed her increased confidence to squash Camilla’s constant cruel sniping in a  behind closed doors showdown, royal insiders said.

Kate knew it was time to put her foot down when she heard that Camilla is still telling cronies Kate had only married her Prince to grab the glory of a royal title – and the vast wealth that goes with it.

Camilla, 64, was also overheard telling people that Kate is “a joke” – an uppity commoner.

When Camilla’s lies got back to Kate she decided to “have a private chat,” a palace source divulged.

“The buzz amongst staffers is that Kate told Camilla to ‘go to hell,’ and demanded her mother-in-law quit her gossip campaign,” said the insider. “For the time being, it seems to have worked.

"It looks like Kate’s won!”