Published on: April 6, 2011
Photography by: INF Daily
kate gosselin

KATE GOSSELIN gets short shrift in new interview as JOY BEHARD "condemns" her predilection for bad dating choices and popping out a plethora of 8 rugrats with ex- hubby Jon.

RadarOnline.com reports that when Kate appeared on The Joy Behar Show she claimed not to give a hoot about her ex-hubby’s love life.  

"How is your relationship with Jon these days?" Behar asked the reality octo-mom.

"Do you make him grovel at all, cause I would!"

"No, honestly I don't," Kate said, "because I need to put my energy toward raising my kids: There's not enough of me to go around even if I was married, and had a happy marriage.”

She added that when she interacts with Jon these days, she keeps her words and actions positive for the sake of co-parenting.

Kate also said she's not dating anyone now but would be open to a relationship in the future.

"I hope it's someone with a vasectomy,” Behar joked. “You have enough kids, don't you think?" 

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