KATE GOSSELIN has had yet MORE plastic surgery says top doc.

If you believe Gosselin, her radical new look is the result of “de-age!”

Still, the "reality" TV mom has admitted to one procedure — she got a tummy tuck back in 2006 but it is what she has NOT confessed to!

“Judging by low brows and less lines between the brows, Botox is very likely,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami told RadarOnline.

“The makeup makes it a bit challenging to say accurately, but a skin tightening light pulse or serial lasers, chemical peels as well as a neck lift are all possibilities to explain the tighter jawline.”

The octo-mum, 39, made peeps question her facial app for her new TV gambit on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” with a very smooth and wrinkle free face!

“Fillers or fat transfer also are likely making her overall cheeks and face softer as well,” Dr. Ghavami, who has not treated Gosselin, said.