K-KLAN bad vibrations are a confluence of negativity fears BIG BANG beauty — as newlywed Kaley  Cuoco is spooked by the Kardashians!

The “Big Bang Theory” cutie recently splashed $5.5 million to buy Khloe Kardashian’s California digs but is so concerned it’s cursed with bad vibes that she hired New Age experts to cleanse it.

Reality star Khloe listed the Tarzana mansion last fall before filing for divorce in December from her husband Lamar Odom, following reports of his alleged drug abuse and extramarital affairs.

Pretty Kaley, who married 26-year-old pro tennis player Ryan Sweeting on New Year’s Eve, decided to make a clean sweep before moving in.

“Kaley wants their new home to be a sanctuary of love and happiness,” explained a close source. “But she’s worried that Khloe and Lamar left behind their bad energy.

“So to clear the air, she brought in a spiritual guru to burn sage and Peruvian palo santo wood (both supposedly have healing properties).

“Kaley also hired an expert in Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese art of harmonizing living spaces) to help design the space so that there’s good energy flow. After all of Khloe and Lamar’s horrific marital problems, Kaley’s not taking any chances.”

Speaking candidly, Khloe recently admitted that the house “obviously has a little darkness.”

Khloe, 29, and 34-year-old former NBA star Lamar purchased the seven-bedroom, 8,000-square-foot San Fernando Valley home in 2010, after their whirlwind September 2009 nuptials. But after four years, Khloe filed for divorce. Meanwhile, as The ENQUIRER reported, Kaley raced to the altar in a surprise ceremony because she is eager to start a family. Now the 28-year-old actress is focused on bringing good vibes to the sprawling mansion. She’s even invited friends and family over for a special house blessing.

“Kaley and Ryan also planted a tree in the back­yard to signify the continued growth of their relationship,” said the source. “Kaley is thrilled to be starting out with Ryan in a big, beautiful home.”