LATEST:  Justin Bieber‘s manager has been arrested on New York’s Long Island in connection with a fan frenzy at a mall.  The fans rioted at a Nov 2009 appearance of the viral phenom.

But just the heck is Justin Bieber — and why are folks rioting over a 16 year old  seeming of unknown origin?!

The ENQUIRER has learned that Bieber was born in Startford Ontario and his mom began posting videos of the then 12-yea-old singer R&B  versions of Usher, Chris Brown and  Justin Timberlake.

The viral Biebers found the eye of former music exec Scooter Braun who flew Bieber from Canada to meet with Usher initiating a bidding war with Timberlake.

Usher finally scored the wunderkind after he intro’d Bieber to Antonio "La" Reid who inked Justin to Island Records in 2008.

Bieber began the professional music career with his debut album My World which sold 137, 000 copies in its first week, going platinum having sold over a million copies.

His followup LP My World 2 has just been pressed and now you know why teens riot at malls to see their idol.

But whether Bieber can sustain a career past his teens or burn-out at 20 remains to be seen. 

Good thing mommy’s holding the reins tight!