Superman HENRY CAVILL and Batman BEN AFFLECK to topline DC super-hero team JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, WB confirms.

Zach Snyder who helmed “Man of Steel” and the upcoming “Superman Vs. Batman” will direct the upcoming event movie.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed the senses shattering confirmation from Warner Bros head of production.

“Superman vs. Batman” will lead into Justice League,” Greg Silverman told the august money mag. “It will be a further expansion of the universe.”

Newcomer Israeli beauty Gal Gadot who signed as Wonder Woman will also reprise her role as the star spangled heroine in the team effort due in 2017.

Reportedly, both the Supes/Bats flick and the JL will shoot back to back by the “Watchman” director Zach Snyder.

The team originally known as "The Justice League of America" made their four color comic debut  in the “Brave and the Bold” #28 in 1960 – a full three years before Marvel launched their version —  “The Avengers”.

With Marvel movies now dominating the box office marketplace, DC/Warners has been criticized for not having a strategy in place to utilize their top-drawer iconic super-heroes.

With the success of “Marvel’s The Avengers” and subsequent follow-ups featuring Thor, Captain America and Iron Man, Warners which owns DC Entertainment has picked up the gauntlet.

While Cyborg is said to be joining "Justice League" it remains unclear if Green Lantern, last seen onscreen as portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, will be joining the fray.  Or will another version of GL hit the re-boot button?

Both Green Arrow and The Flash seem to be rooted to the TV screens on the CW for the time being.

To be Continued… as they say.