Justice For All? John Edwards Chasing Ambulances…Again

Justice For All? John Edwards Chasing Ambulances…Again thumbnail

Disgraced two time presidential loser JOHN EDWARDS under fire – this time for his law firm’s lurid come ons.

The former cagey lawyer and horndog politico teamed with his partners at Edwards Kirby based out of Raleigh, N.C, with a satellite office in Washington D.C. is beating down the doors of new clients – literally.

The Washington Examiner reported that Edwards' firm, Kirby Edwards is pursuing potential customers with all the hucksterism of a late-night, cable TV informercial. 

Its website — call 1 (866) 409-2250 — is dominated by the words: "…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" outlines the firm's expertise in personal injury litigation.

"Whether your loss occurred on an operating table, a factory floor, at the workplace or on the highway, our wrongful death lawyers will explore every avenue of recovery," the Edwards Kirby site says.

"We have a history of securing record-setting verdicts and settlements in cases involving personal injury, including: Trucking and Auto Accidents; Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injury; Drowning Accidents; Burn Injuries; Construction and Premise Liability; [and] Defective or Unsafe Products."

They also ballyhoo the fact that law firm wins and garners BIG payoffs for their clients.

Edwards was back in the courtroom recently, suing an emergency-room doctor for "brain damage and physical injuries that a 4-year-old Virginia boy received in December 2009 when he was an infant in the care of Pitt County Memorial Hospital," according to the Raleigh News-Observer.

The plaintiffs  already won a $13 million settlement from the hospital involved; the jury deadlocked in the case against the doctor.

"I really loved being back in the courtroom," Edwards said. "It really felt like a gift for me."

 Among the law firm’s partners is John’s daughter Cate who stood by Edwards during his federal trial for alleged misuse of Presidential campaign funds to buy a conspiracy of silence.

As ENQUIRER readers may remember Edwards cheated on his dying wife Elizabeth with new age temptress Rielle Hunter producing a love child – which he repeatedly denied to the world during his failed 2008 Presidential run. That is until The NATIONAL ENQUIRER busted him — again and again!