Exit Stage Left!

Donald Trump ‘Assassination’ Play Shut Down

Activist storms performance of controversial 'Julius Caesar' production!

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It wasn’t just another night at the theatre!

Laura Loomer, a right-wing activist, stormed the stage of the annual “Shakespeare In the Park” production of “Julius Caesar” in protest of the play’s mocking of President Donald Trump!

Loomer, a journalist and pro-Trump supporter made her move during the famous “assassination” scene where Caesar is stabbed to death by members of the Roman Senate. She was joined by Jack Posobiec — a conservative filmmaker who filmed her walking onto the stage.

The actor playing Caesar is dressed in a blond wig and red tie, and his wife speaks in a Slavic accent similar to First Lady Melania Trump!

Loomer was arrested by the police after interrupting the play when she shouted, “Stop the normalization of political violence against the right. This is unacceptable!”

The announcer called for security as she walked off the stage, temporarily shutting down the performance! Spectators booed, then cheered loudly as Loomer and Posobiec were escorted out by security.

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The depiction of the assassination scene has angered both Trump supporters and sponsors — Delta Air Lines and the Bank of America pulled their annual sponsorship from the Public Theatre as a result — though those behind the production have defended it!

“Two protestors disrupted our show tonight. The staff removed the protestors peacefully, and the show resumed with the line ‘Liberty! Freedom!’, ” said Oskar Eustis, artistic director of the Public Theater. “The audience rose to their feet to thank the actors, and we joyfully continued.”

Posobiec later uploaded the video online and sent out a tweet with the hashtag, “#FreeLaura” that received much support for her stance against the defamation of Trump.

This is not the first time the play has been used as a political stance against a sitting president. Back in 2012, an actor playing Caesar was dressed to resemble then-President Barack Obama in the play’s production in Minnesota.

Loomer was charged with “trespassing” and later released.