Pretty Woman JULIA ROBERTS‘ new devotion to Hinduism fuels Catholic hubby’s religious fervor in a domestic religious war, say sources.

Julia has enraged her husband and ignited a holy war with her family over her shocking decision to become a Hindu along with her three young children.

The star is battling with her Catholic husband Danny Moder, her own mom and Danny’s dad over renaming her youngsters after Hindu gods while they visited India and taking them to worship services – which include meditation and the teaching of reincarnation.

The actress embraced the religion while filming her new picture Eat Pray Love in India last fall – and reportedly even had the production blessed by a swami.

Danny can’t stand the thought that she seems to have turned her back on the Christian faith to raise their youngsters in the Eastern religion, say sources, and their differences erupted in a fiery confrontation at their Malibu home in early August.

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