The astonishing secret behind JULIA ROBERTS’ baby quest!

After a career reboot with Eat Drink Pray , Julia Roberts has embarked on a new spiritual  odyssey  – adopting a child.

Inspired by pals Brad and Angie who have a adopted three of their six children,  The Pretty Woman and cameraman-hubby Danny Moder are searching for a youngster from a foreign culture, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

"Julia has wanted more children for several years," revealed an insider.

 "Brad and Angelina have been a huge influence in persuading Julia and Danny to adopt," disclosed a close source.

"The fact that they’ve managed to cope with six children has proven to them it’s feasible to raise a large family while making movies.

"Julia and Danny love the idea of their kids having another baby to dote on – it just feels so right to them. They believe their kids will benefit from having a sibling from another culture."

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