“I WANT OUT of this dump!”

Julia Roberts flung those angry words at Danny Moder, telling her new husband in no uncertain terms that she’s sick and tired of being cooped up in his cramped two-bedroom L.A. apartment.

So sources say the couple has started hunting for a multimillion-dollar dream home, with plenty of room for pets — and kids.

“Now that she and Danny are married, Julia has told him what she really thinks about living in his Brentwood bachelor pad,” said a Moder family source. “She says the place is a rat trap.

“Julia never really complained that much about the place when they were just living together. But now that they’re married, it’s a totally different story.

“Before the wedding, Julia wanted to show she was just a simple girl with simple tastes. She wanted to prove how dedicated she was to her man by living in his world and experiencing his lifestyle.”

So Hollywood’s highest paid actress, who makes between $15 and $20 million a film, has been living in a little $1,600-a-month apartment on Sunset Blvd.

“Danny and Julia’s horseshoe shaped 20-unit complex doesn’t have a security guard or a shred of privacy,” an insider disclosed.

“You can see right into the front picture window of the apartment from a central courtyard.

“And Danny and Julia have had to forget about moonlight swims alone — the pool at the complex is communal.

“Now Julia wants a big home, with at least four or five bedrooms and a separate studio for Danny.

“And it’s got to have enough room for at least two or three kids, because that’s how many she wants to have.

“Julia says that, above all, the home has to have a spacious yard where kids can play, and where her pets can run around — especially her new dog, Louie.

“They’re looking for homes in the $6 million to $10 million range.”

The source added: “Malibu is the front-runner for the location of Julia’s new home.

“She and Danny stayed at producer pal Joe Roth’s beautiful home there last year when their romance really took off.

“And when they fell in love with each other, they fell in love with Malibu, too!”