"Juicy" JOE GIUDICE sat all by his lonesome as he waited for a hearing that once again gave him some breathing room–postponing his fraud and impersonation trial until Oct. 28th, and The ENQUIRER was there for all the courtroom drama.

The much maligned hubby of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice, didn't have the support of his wife by his side or any other family member, for that matter, as he waited his turn in State Superior Court (Paterson, N.J.) Judge Greta Gooden-Brown's chambers on July 15th, the most recent date that had been set for his trial to start.

Giudice is charged with wrongfully using identifying information of another person, a second-degree crime carrying 10 years in prison, and forgery, a fourth-degree crime that carries an 18-month maximum prison sentence. He is currently free on $50,000 bail.

"He was truly a rumpled and sad sack, sitting next to the wall in the next to last row on the left side of the courtroom," an eyewitness sitting almost directly behind the squat 43-year-old, revealed.

"Before his name was called he busied himself by sniffling away, then taking out a hankie to blow his nose–the guy's face was really red, like he'd been crying–as well as his head bowed as he fiddled with his mobile devise, including typing out text messages. He was also dressed inappropriately in what appeared to be a white, V-neck T-shirt underneath a dark jacket."

Standing alongside his defense attorney, Miles R. Feinstein, another postponement was granted when the lawyer successfully explained that he would be tied up with another case until the middle of October. Judge Gooden-Brown warned "Giuseppe," calling him by his birth name, that his next scheduled visit to court was mandatory and that "a bench warrant can be issued for your arrest if you don't appear."

Uncertain how to pronounce his last name, the judge asked him to say it aloud, to which he replied "Ju-dice," (its phonetic spelling).

"Unfortunately, no offense — I don't watch the show," the judge explianed, "so that's why I always butcher your last name."

Feinstein offered to provide the court with videos of the show which the judge politely declined, "Not necessary, not necessary at all. But thank you for the offer."