JUDGE JUDY is stunned over shocking demands for a criminal investigation of her son that, if charges are brought and proven, could land him in prison for four years, insiders told The ENQUIRER in a bomb-shell exclusive.

The outspoken jurist’s son, Putnam County, N.Y., District Attorney Adam Levy, 45, could be in legal hot water over a state senator’s charges that he leaked top secret grand jury information in a horrifying child rape case involving an illegal Romanian immigrant who was allegedly his live-in personal trainer.

Levy characterizes the trainer as merely a close friend and frequent houseguest.

“Judge Judy (Sheindlin) has blown a gasket that her son has been caught up in this sordid mess,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. Although Judy insists her son is the target of a smear campaign by political enemies, a state senatoris calling on the governor to open an independent investigation into Levy’s activities.

In March, Levy removed himself from the case because of his friendship with the accused rapist, but he continued to stay deeply involved in an apparent conflict of interest, say sources.

Incredibly, he did not object when his brother-in-law, attorney Daniel Mentzer, was named to represent defendant Alexandru Hossu, 35, who stands accused of raping his girlfriend’s then- 13-year-old daughter and faces more than 25 years in prison if convicted.

What’s more, Levy has admitted that he even helped fund Hossu’s defense! Meanwhile, Levy’s handling of the case has infuriated N.Y. State Sen. Greg Ball, who told The ENQUIRER: “Enough is enough!” He disclosed:

“I am asking Adam Levy to either step down or join me in my request that Gov. Cuomo appoint an independent special prosecutor to fully investigate the current fiasco in Putnam County.

“We have an elected district attorney who admits to having an illegal alien living in his house, who is also an alleged rapist, and is now funding the defense after telling the public he wasn’t involved.” Ball added: “I don’t care who his mother is or where he comes from – this is about Putnam County.”

In an apparent attempt to help his personal trainer, Levy – whose father is Judge Judy’s first husband Ronald Levy – allegedly advised Hossu’s former attorney Robert Altchiler on defense strategy.

What’s more, Sen. Ball stated in a press release that reporting shows “questions have arisen as to whether Levy specifically communicated to (Hossu) how the grand jury actually voted.”

Levy also reportedly told Hossu’s first attorney that Hossu’s teenage accuser had spent time in a psychiatric ward.

Bennett Gershman, judicial ethics expert at Pace University School of Law, said: “The punishment for unlawful grand jury disclosure is up to four years in state prison.

“This is a serious and dangerous conflict of interest… On one hand, he’s the district attorney. He’s removed from the case. And yet, he’s aggressively involved. He misled everybody.

“In effect, he’s been engaging in fraudulent conduct.”

Fighting back, Levy has hired publicist Hank Sheinkopf, who insisted: “Mr. Levy’s conduct has been entirely ethical and he welcomes any inquiry.”

But Judge Judy is worried over her son’s “dire predicament,” confided the close source, adding: “Family and friends don’t know why he is so adamant in finding ways to help Hossu. It makes one wonder, what could Adam Levy be trying to hide?”