TV’s FEARSOME Judge Judy has sentenced her cheating husband — to a life of living hell!

She’s whipped 68-year-old Judge Jerry Sheindlin — former star of “The People’s Court” — into line with a ruthless campaign to curb his roving eye forever.

Jerry has been banned from the Naples, Fla., restaurant where he met his ex-mistress, waitress Kary Farrell, 42, and he’s even had certain computer privileges taken away so he’s not tempted to send any sexy e-mails!

Now Judy’s made a move that will put Jerry’s wandering eye many miles away from Kary — she’s bought a new home in Greenwich, Conn.

“Judy has got him on such a tight rein, it’s pathetic,” a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER.

“But he humiliated her so badly in public that he deserves everything he’s getting.”

An insider told The ENQUIRER: “Judy was terribly embarrassed by Jerry’s cheating — especially in Naples, where they live.

“While many of her friends told her to dump him, she said she’d do them one better by keeping Jerry around to make the rest of his life absolutely miserable.

“He was given a choice: Do things Judy’s way — or get out of the marriage.

“Judy was also told by her family to get rid of him, that she deserved better. She told them Jerry was worth keeping around, but she would not let him ever forget his affair.

“She said she was going to give him a laundry list of chores, like bringing her fresh flowers every morning, writing her love notes, giving her back and foot massages, being at her beck and call.

“But she also told him he couldn’t drive around town alone anymore in his fancy car or use his personal computer. She told him he was ‘a child,’ and she was going to treat him that way.

“This may be worse for Jerry than getting slammed with divorce papers! But he appears to be putting up with it.”

In an exclusive series of recent stories, The ENQUIRER chronicled the torrid romance between Jerry and shapely Kary that began when she served him and Judge Judy breakfast at Lulu B’s restaurant in Naples.

While Judy was away taping her show, the silver-haired millionaire and the waitress made love at the famous legal couple’s $1.4 million beachfront apartment.

The marriage crisis finally exploded into the open when Kary sat down with The ENQUIRER for a blockbuster exclusive interview in our May 28 issue.

Kary told The ENQUIRER that Jerry said he loved her and wanted to marry her. She also showed the diary she kept as the romance heated up, and leafed through copies of the sexy e-mails Jerry sent.