JUDGE JUDY, who recently toppled OPRAH as daytime TV’s number one star, EXPOSED in a world exclusive ENQUIRER blockbuster investigation.

In an extraordinary act of tough love, Judge Judy made her most crucial decision during an intense family crisis – and it saved her grandson’s life.

For the past 15 years, the gavel-pounding, no-nonsense judge has ruled her TV courtroom with an iron fist.

But fans have been able to learn little about the real JUDY SHEINDLIN – until  NOW.

"The Judge Judy you see on television is not the Judy I married," declares her first husband Ron Levy – speaking out for the first time about his 12-year marriage to TV’s legal superstar.

In an in-depth investigation, The ENQUIRER uncovered the 67-year-old TV judge’s closely guarded family secrets – and learned she even lays down the law to loved ones.

With a mother’s fear and concern, Judy sprang into action when her unmarried daughter Jamie confided she was pregnant and was considering abortion, The ENQUIRER learned.

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