The once unemployable ex-reality dad JON GOSSELIN rebounds to "normalcy" —  as only he can. reports that while ex-wife Kate Gosselin remains a seminal fixture on TV,  Jon hasn’t been as fortunate, until now – in these turbulent economic times, he snared a job — a "normal" job — he loves.

"On his first day of work, he just loved it.  He felt weird that everyone knew who he was. But they didn’t talk about it, it’s a trust issue," a source said.

"The job is information technology based and online marketing. He solves problems and teaches people to solve their problems, he really enjoys it."

The source also revealed that while Jon is often recognized by clients, most folks are now accepting him for who he is.

"He’s been trying to start his life again and to give up on TV and just do what he used to do.

"He lost everything. There were so many things that he had to face without support because there were not a lot of people in the world who could relate to the problems he was facing. He had eight kids at 27-years-old. 

"He was on a reality TV show, he was in the tabloids and then he faced a divorce. It was a lot to deal with all at once."

"He did a lot of stupid things."