Johnny Weir Domestic Violence Charged In Battle With Hubby

Johnny Weir Domestic Violence Charged In Battle With Hubby thumbnail

Flamboyant ex Olympic skater turned commentator JOHNNY WEIR’s secret war with hubby that sparked domestic violence charges.

As Weir, 28, hosted television coverage of the Sochi Olympics he  was involved in an domestic violence dispute with his husband that had its courtroom sequel on Tuesday morning, RadarOnline reported.

About a month before the Sochi games, Weir’s husband, Victor Voronov, filed a police report in which he alleged the three-time U.S. national champion of biting him, a source revealed.

Despite the allegations, the couple appeared to have worked out their differences: In a Lyndhurst, New Jersey, courtroom on Tuesday morning, where the pair put on a united front and requested the Lyndhurst Municipal Court judge to dismiss the case.

Sitting next to each other, Voronov put his hand on Weir’s knee and whispered into his ear before the case begun.

When Weir approached the bench in an unusually subdued black ensemble, the judge took note of Weir’s flashy style , remarking: “Nice hairdo!”

Without stating any specifics about the case and charges, the judge asked if the “victim” was present and ordered Voronov to approach the bench.

Voronov asked the judge to dismiss the case – and the dismissal was granted.

When Weir was approached outside the courthouse, he said: “It is a private matter I do not wish to discuss.”

Voronov also refused to comment, as he and Weir hurriedly hopped into an awaiting car together.

Local police and court officials refused to disclose more details, citing confidentiality because the incident was a domestic violence incident.

Weir married Voronov – a Georgetown Law graduate – in December 2011 and recently spoke about their dynamic relationship.

“A marriage between two guys is different than what I imagine a marriage between a man and a woman [to be],” Weir said in an interview. “I mean, we’re both constantly trying to fight to wear the pants in the relationship.

“It’s constant fireworks,” Weir added. “It’s very boom, boom, boom.”