Johnny Depp goes to the Ninth Circle of Hell – and back!

His production company has just acquired the rights to Nick Tosches novel In the Hands of Dante which Johnny will presumably star in and well as produce.

For those not familiar with classic Dante Alighieri‘s The Divine Comedy in which Dante accompanied by Virgil, the Roman poet, descends into the fiery depths of perdition, Tosche’s novel parallels Dante’s writing of the Italian tome in the 14th Century with a present day suspenser.

Here’s the Holly-weird pitch: Like The Da Vinci Code but with demons instead of angels.

Meanwhile, Depp’s been keeping busy playing the Mad Hatter in the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, yet another Pirates flick, Tonto in The Lone Ranger and voicing an animated character in Rango.

Oh yeah, and another go-round as gonzo journo Hunter S. Thompson and the much anticipated Dark Shadows flick with Johnny as vampire king Barnabas Collins.

No wonder he doesn’t sleep…easy.