Mike Walker

Johnny Depp Furious Over Amber’s New Love

Jealous of tech entrepreneur billionaire!

Johnny Depp Furious Over Amber’s New Love thumbnail

Mike Walker reports … Cursed by years of lousy box office buck$$, sinking swashbuckler Johnny Depps’s NUTS because ex Amber Heard — who divorced him amid accusations of drugs/alcohol/physical abuse — is not only fielding buckets of movie offers, she’s traded WAY up in the love department, snaring billionaire Elon Musk, the magnetic Tesla electric car mogul!

Said My Swashbuckler Spy: “Johnny thought bisexual Amber would hide away with a new lesbian lover — never again enjoying the A-list lifestyle he’d given her.

But now ‘Skipper’ Depp hears she’s happy as a clam, and making her ex-buccaneer look like a bilge rat!” ARRRG! Walk that plank, me bucko!