John Wayne & Daniel Boone Heirs Rock ‘Amazing Race’

John Wayne & Daniel Boone Heirs Rock ‘Amazing Race’ thumbnail

The DUKE’s granddaughter and DAN’L BOONE descendants muster up for all-out WAR!

ONE contestant who may have enough “true grit” to win CBS’ “The Amazing Race All-Stars” is Jennifer Wayne. That’s because she’s the granddaughter of American icon John Wayne!

According to a show insider, the blonde beauty, 31, is “looking to use the skills she learned from her grandfather to help her through the rigorous course this season.”

Jennifer, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tenn., jokes: “Hopefully I got a little bit of his toughness!”

And Jennifer isn’t the only return­ing cast member with a famous ancestor: Her team­mate and business partner, Austin, Texas, native Caroline Cut­birth, is a descendant of American pioneer Daniel Boone!

 “I love adventure and charting new courses,” said Caroline. But despite sharing blood with the famous frontiersman, Caroline, 30, says she may not have inherited all of his skills.

She admitted: “Sometimes I just go in the wrong direction!”

This is Caroline and Jennifer’s second time competing for the million-dollar prize on the reality show, which takes contestants on a race around the globe. They came in fourth place on Season 22.

“The race is the adventure of a lifetime,” Caroline added. “To get the chance to do it for the second time was hard to believe, and impossible to pass up!”