Shocking claims! Vehement denials! Lawyers fighting! Say hello to JOHN TRAVOLTA SEX ACCUSER FIVE.

A New York based man has come forward alleging John Travolta groped him during a massage in a five star hotel approximately two years ago and is currently weighing up his legal options against the “Saturday Night Fever” star.

Previously four other men have accused the Travolta of similar allegations — two masseurs, a former cruise ship worker and a gym employee; Travolta's attorney has vehemently denied all the men's claims.

"The latest masseur says that around two years ago he received a call to do an in-room massage in a five star hotel in New York City," a source told

"When he arrived at the room he claims that he began to massage Travolta. The man alleges that there was unwanted groping that he endured and that Travolta also indicated that he wanted much MORE than a massage.

“He also claims that there was alcohol present in the room and that Travolta encouraged the man to drink with him during the time of the massage. The masseur is currently assessing what his legal options are."

Two male masseuses had previously filed lawsuits against Travolta but were sent packing by their former attorney, Okorie Okorocha. They have now retained lawyer Gloria Allred.

"We are now representing John Doe #2. We believe that the lawsuit should be filed in another court and, therefore, the lawsuit that was on file was dismissed without prejudice. We will be conferring with our client regarding what will happen next in this case," Allred said.

Travolta has been married to fellow thespian Kelly Preston since 1991. The couple's oldest child, Jett, died in 2009. The couple have two other children, daughter, Ella Bleu, and their toddler Benjamin, born in 2010.

Kelly was also once involved with Charlie Sheen and in a bizarre incident reportedly shot her

Travolta's attorney, Marty “The Litigator” Singer, who has been on the war-path in the media, did not immediately respond for comment on this report, but is on the record saying, "As a result of the published lies about my client we expect some 'John Does' to come out of the woodwork and assert false claims."