As The ENQUIRER reported in a worldwide exclusive disgraced two-time Presidential loser John Edwards  and cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth confirmed their legal separation as they head for divorce.

The official disclosure of the legal separation came late Wednesday hot on the heels of John’s belated acknowledgment of paternity of love-child Frances Quinn that he fathered with mistress Rielle Hunter.

Their marriage was rocked by the National Enquirer’s exhaustive investigation into the alleged conspiracy and diverting of campaign funds  to buy his mistress’s silence.

However, Elizabeth  showered the child, commonly referred to as Quinn, with Christmas gifts in a North Carolina hotel room.

"She gave it a lot of thought, wrapped up a bunch of Christmas presents, took them to the baby and was so pleased when Quinn made a beeline to the toy carriage and doll," sister Nancy Anania said.

"She even said to Quinn, ‘Go stand next to Daddy.’ And she took a picture. I don’t know how she could do that. She just has a big heart."

Book Excerpts rocked the medeia world from former toady Andrew Young, who pretended to be the baby’s father and assisted in the cover-up by harboring Hunter and acting as go-between between the two lovers.  Young later pulled a "John Dean" to cover his own ass before the Federal Grand Jury investigation and is now reaping the profits from what appears to be a steamy best-seller about the fall of John Edwards: The Politician.

Included in the book was Elizabeth’s shocking suicide attempt when learning Rielle was pregnant with John’s baby which The Enquirer reported previously.

Ever resilient, Elizabeth’s pal, Andrea Purse confirmed the Edwards’ separation to media.

"It is an extraordinarily sad moment, but I love my children more than anything and still care deeply about Elizabeth," John Edwards himself said in a prepared statement.

As the Enquirer reported in early January John Edwards was living in the family’s vacation home  on Figure 8 island and had been separated from Elizabeth for some time.

When we caught him cheating AGAIN Edwards’ pick up line to a bar habitue on Dec. 30 was that he was "separated and soon to be divorced’.

North Carolina law states that a couple has to be separated for a year before they can file for divorce.

What will happen first: divorce or grand jury indictment?