Disgraced JOHN EDWARDS lawyers demand former loyalist ANDREW YOUNG’s testimony in the former presidential contender’s upcoming federal trial be trivialized as "hear say".

As The ENQUIRER first reported in an exhaustive bombshell investigation John Edwards was indicted on six felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from funding monies earmarked for his failed 2008 Presidential campaign to fund a conspiracy of silence.  

When The ENQUIRER first broke the story Young covered for his boss by pretending paternity of Edward’s love child with mistress Rielle Hunter.

As the grand jury met in secret and with Young prepping his tell-all “The Politician”, Young testified before the grand jury in what many called a “John Dean” maneuver and covered his ass, avoiding potential perjury.

Now, Edwards’ lawyers and prosecutors submitted dueling court filings over Young’s expected testimony about discussions he had with 101 year old Listerine heiress Rachel “Bunny” Mellon and Edwards campaign finance chairman Dallas money man Fred Baron.

Edwards defense argued said that Young’s testimony is tantamount to hearsay — statements that can’t be verified — since Fred Baron is dead and the elderly Mellon apparently too frail to testify at trial.

Federal prosecutors charge that Young’s testimony IS permissible under law which allows a member of a conspiracy to testify about statements made by co-conspirators.

 “There also is no question that Mr. Edwards and Young agreed to hide the truth about Ms. Hunter’s baby, and that Mr. Edwards knew and agreed that Young should claim that he (and not Mr. Edwards) was the father,” Edwards’ lawyers wrote in the filing.

“There is no evidence, however, that Young believed that he had an agreement with Mr. Edwards to commit a crime.”

Beltways insiders say that feds will blow Edwards’ denials out of the water and that the evidence of Edwards' conspiratorial money trail is far more substantial than mere “hearsay”.

Last week The ENQUIRER reported that the Edwards campaign was still spending money and signing their former campaign treasurers’ names to statements made to the FEC. And recently, Feds said that the Edwards campaign owed taxpayers over $2 million used from public matching funding.

The political trial of the century was initially slated for a January start but was pushed back due to Edwards’ heart condition.  A new start date has not yet been docketed.