Disgraced two-time presidential loser JOHN EDWARDS has testified under oath in a lawsuit over a purported sexually explicit videotape with mistress RIELLE HUNTER.

An attorney for a former Edwards’ aide Robert Elliot said Edwards was deposed last week as part of the ongoing legal war between former Edwards loyalist and Edwards baby mamma Rielle Hunter.

While confirming to AP that Edwards did testify he declined to discuss the exact details of the testimony.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously the presiding judge in the case warned to all parties involved that he did not want the details publicly disclosed, warnings that he would hold them in contempt of court if Edwards’ deposition material is discussed outside of dockets.

Hunter is suing Young to reclaim materials, including the much debated sex tape that Young claims depicts a sexual encounter involving Edwards and a then-pregnant presumed to be Hunter.

Young has admitted previously that he helped cover up the affair in his best-selling book The Politician and maintains the VHS tape was found amidst trash Hunter had  left behind in a home he was renting for the former Edwards presidential campaign videographer.