Disgraced John Edwards IS still carrying on with mistress Rielle Hunter, former toady Andrew Young claims.

And the smitten new ager who allegedly may have taken fertility drugs that helped entrap the lascivious North Carolina ex-senator with love child still dreams of happily ever after with big bad John – family and ex-pals said.

As Andrew Young, author of the seamy tell-all The Politician and keeper of the notorious ex tape makes the talk show rounds when asked the puerile pol ever stopped seeing hunter Young told Sean Hannity of Fox News.  "I don’t think so…"

"Even now?" Hannity probed the one-time Edwards kool-aid drinking champ.


As The ENQUIRER reported in a series of exhaustive reports Edwards bought his mistress and now admitted daughter Quinn a home nearby his million dollar abode.

Last week Elizabeth Edwards admitted they were separated and as the ENQUIRER reported weeks earlier, divorce bound, when John used THAT as a pickup line to try and score with local lovelies almost his own daughter’s age.

And as her shocking claim to a pal in an ENQUIRER bombshell exclusive that Edwards beat his cancer stricken wife after a series of tumultuous battles over his infidelity rocks the nation, even Rielle Hunter’s own sister Roxanne Marshall, tells Inside Edition that  "She still believes they will be together."

According to Marshall, Rielle will not publicly go on the record in public against the father of her daughter as long as she believes they’ll be together SOMEDAY.

However, she apparently had NO problem testifying before the Federal Grand Jury investigating  Edwards and the campaign cover-up and conspiracy.

Nothing says "telling the truth" when your own ass is on the line as a willing accomplice to possible Presidential campaign funds theft.

Just ask Andrew Young.