AND, this time, for the disgraced politico bad boy JOHN EDWARDS – it’s personal.

For the two-time presidential loser and self-confessed love rat, Johnny Reid Edwards who risked his law license in a hard-fought battle with feds over allegations he misused presidential campaign funds, Edwards is back to square one in his career.

Insisting he’s through with politics, Edwards has returned to his old career as a personal injury attorney.

It was Edwards’ law career that made him a millionaire and the idol of cocktail waitresses everywhere before falling from grace by cheating on his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth with mistress Rielle Hunter and producing a love child which was exhaustively chronicled by The ENQUIRER in a series of blockbuster reports that shook the world.

The former North Carolina senator is opening an office in Raleigh, N.C. with his old law partner, David Kirby called Edwards Kirby. They’ll be partnering with that other legal eagle of the Edwards clan, John’s daughter Cate.

It's Edwards first step back into the public eye since his acquittal on one criminal count and hung jury on the other five counts.

Federal prosecutors decided not to retry the case in the new age of Super-Pac tomfoolery.

Daughter Cate says Daddy will concentrate solely on practicing law.

BUT as The ENQUIRER recently reported with John’s new sexy young GF in tow after giving Rielle Hunter the old heave-ho, it’s debatable whether he’ll keep his pants zipped.

“I loved it for the decades I did it, and I think it’s what I was born to do,” Edwards said — referring to his legal career.