In the wake of disgraced MARK SANFORD’s resurrection, it was only days before JOHN EDWARDS, like a coiffed Transformer, reactivated on the national scene.

Our compatriots in Fourth Estate madness, The Raleigh News & Observer, reported that two time presidential loser and love scandal provocateur John Edwards has not only reactivated his license to practice law but he’s hitting the speaking circuit.

The former North Carolina senator is scheduled to appear June 6 at a secluded retreat in Orlando, Fla., for lawyer clients of the marketing firm PMP.

Edwards will speak for about 45 minutes as part of a program entitled, "Historic Trials of the Century”, according to the itinerary.

 No word yet whether he’ll be speaking about his own trial of the century.  

In his previous incarnation, Edwards had earned millions as a cagey personal injury lawyer before entering politics and breaking his cancer stricken wife Elizabeth’s heart with his notorious love child scandal with Rielle Hunter.

The National Enquirer FIRST reported that blockbuster scoop and hammered away at the disgraced politico until he was indicted by feds for alleged misuse presidential campaign funds to buy a conspiracy of silence.

After a gripping criminal trial Edwards walked after a his May 2012 acquittal on one charge of campaign finance fraud. The federal judge then declared a mistrial on the five other criminal counts after jurors couldn't agree if Edwards had indeed used campaign money to hide his pregnant mistress during his historic 2008 presidential run.

 As several wags noted in the new political age of the Koch Bros. and Super-Pacs, Edwards would never have been indicted today.

A records check with the N.C. State Bar shows Edwards has also reactivated his license to practice law, AP noted.

Edwards’ law license had been inactive for over a decade.

Stay tuned, political scandal junkies…