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The ENQUIRER has learned the identity of a secret bombshell witness federal prosecutors will use to send JOHN EDWARDS to jail.

She is his former campaign speech­writer Wendy Button, who also wrote for President Obama and Hillary Clinton. She worked on Edwards’ senate cam­paign in 1998, as well as his vice presidential run in 2004 and White House race in 2008.

Sources say Edwards exchanged dozens of e-mails with Button when they worked on a never-released statement in which he planned to publicly acknowledge paternity of his love child with his mistress Rielle Hunter.

The former candidate was recently indicted for the alleged illegal use of campaign con­tributions to cover up the love-child scandal.

The e-mails are damning evidence against Edwards because they show he was aware that “hush money” payments were being made to Rielle to keep her from going pub­lic, which would have destroyed his political career.

In the 19-page criminal indictment against Edwards filed June 3, Button is not mentioned by name but prosecutors declare: “In or about July and August 2009, Edwards worked with a former employee on his campaign (Button) to prepare a statement to the media in which Edwards would admit that he was the father…

“In the course of preparing this statement, Edwards told the employee that, during his presidential campaign, he was aware that Person D had provided money and made expenditures to support and hide Person B from the media.”

“Person B” is Rielle Hunter and “Person D” is the late Fred Baron, former finance director for Edwards’ campaign – who is alleged to have illegally provided more than $200,000 to hide Hunter during the cover-up.

Button, sources tell The ENQUIRER, will testify against Edwards at his trial.

And insiders say her sizzling testimony will cook the disgraced politico’s goose