Two time presidential loser JOHN EDWARDS is terrified wealthy political do­nor Bunny Mellon will crucify him from beyond the grave!

Edwards was accused of sweet-talking the elderly socialite – who died at age 103 on March 17 – into giving him nearly $1 million that he used to cover up his extramarital affair, when he cheated on wife Elizabeth with baby mama Rielle Hunter.

Even though he wasn’t convicted of using Mellon’s cam­paign money illegally, she never forgave him for dragging her into the scandal, sources say. And while he secretly tried to get back into her good graces, furious family members barred the brazen cheater from her funeral.

“Now John fears that Bunny could exact revenge from the grave,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“To the day she died, Bunny kept a daily journal, and while the govern­ment has said they have no plans to pur­sue John at this point, it’s possible Bunny’s left behind incrimi­nating evidence that could lead to new trouble for him.

“John tried to get word to Bunny before she passed away that he was sorry for all he’d put her through. He even showed up at her funeral in an effort to beg forgiveness from her family, but he was barred from the service.”

According to published reports, Edwards – who’s now in private law practice – and his daughter Cate arrived at Mellon’s funeral service on March 28 in Upperville, Va., but weren’t allowed to enter the church.

Edwards’ affair with blonde divorcee Rielle, his campaign vid­eographer, and the birth of their love child, daughter Frances Quinn, now 6, was exposed in a series of blockbuster ENQUIRER exclusives.

Campaign records show that in late 2007, Mellon – heiress to the fortune of 19th century industrialist Andrew Mel­lon – gave $3.4 million to The Alliance for a New America, a nonprofit group supporting Edwards’ candidacy.

Edwards’ former aide Andrew Young also disclosed that Mellon provided $700,000 to help pay for Young and his family – and Rielle – to hide from the media after The ENQUIRER exposed Edwards’ extramarital affair and Rielle’s pregnancy.

The so-called “Bunny Money” came in the form of personal checks written to a friend, falsely stating they were intended to buy items such as “furniture.” One check came hidden in a box of chocolates.

Edwards was indicted in 2011 on charges that he used money from some of his political backers to cover up the scandal. A year later, after a six-week trial, Edwards escaped prison when he was acquitted on one count of accept­ing illegal campaign contributions from Mellon. The judge declared a mistrial on five other counts because the jury was deadlocked.

At age 101, Bunny provided testimony to the government, but was not charged.

“Bunny was a sweet, generous woman and John took advantage of her,” added an insider. “Her family wants nothing to do with him.”