Where do you go after admitting to the world finally that you’re the father of a love child?  Well, if you’re John Edwards you go to Haiti, a living hell of despair and destruction.

Edwards promptly got out of Dodge yesterday and is helping with earthquake relief efforts in the stricken land of horror.

Edwards arrived with a group of 25 to 30 people, including doctors, bringing  supplies and medicine in an effort to "help in whatever way we can."

A senior administration official told CBS News that Edwards, who visited Haiti a year ago, had informed the Obama White House of his desire to go to Haiti and help out before the trip.

"I am told that this declaration was met with silence," CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder said.

When asked about his stunning admission yesterday and if it was meant as a preemptive stike before former co-conspirator Andrew Young 20/20 tell-all interview next Friday, Edwards stated tersely "I”ve said what I have to say for now and I’m here to help people."

Meanwhile wife Elizabeth downplayed NBC‘s story she and John had finally split in the wake of his coming to grips with his newly extended family including ex-mistress Rielle Hunter and love child Frances Quinn, now almost 2.

"He’s been doing work outside of this country where his errors in judgment don’t have any bearing on work," she told the Charlotte Observer.

Meanwhile the Federal Grand Jury continues its investigation into Edwards misuse of Presidential campaign funds to fund a conspiracy of lies and silence.