Feds push back disgraced two-time Presidential loser JOHN EDWARDS' conspiracy trial after being deluged by paperwork, The ENQUIRER has learned.
As The ENQUIRER reported yesterday Edwards legal team had unleashed a barrage of paperwork, designed to slow down the judicial process in the historic political trial of the century. They were requesting dismissal of all charges at the behest of former trial lawyer Edwards.
Today, Feds announced Edwards' trial on campaign finance charges is delayed until January, 2012, giving his defense team the time it needs to comb through more than 400,000 pages of material that the US Department of Justice turned over in the discovery process.
As The ENQUIRER reported the ex- North Carolina senator was charged in June with using $1 million in hush money payments from key political supporters to hide mistress Rielle Hunter’s pregnancy during his Presidential run in 2008.
Edwards was also charged with helping to falsify campaign finance reports to cover up the payments.
In a motion filed last month, Edwards’ lawyers said the trial's scheduled October start wouldn't give them enough time to study the documents. They claimed they must talk with 125 witnesses who were interviewed by 50 different agents from the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service.
As The ENQUIRER reported previously, Edwards had also sought a delay so he could attend his daughter Cate’s upcoming wedding.
U.S. Chief District Judge James A. Beaty Jr. in Winston-Salem, N.C., signed a court order earlier today granting the defense motion. He said federal prosecutors had agreed to a "reasonable" delay.
"The Court concludes that a continuance is necessary in order to ensure Defendant adequate time for preparation for trial, given the circumstances in this case, particularly the unusually large volume of discovery to be reviewed," Judge Beaty wrote.
The three-month delay should be sufficient time for the Edwards defense to prepare and no further continuance should be necessary, he added.