CATE EDWARDS, the daughter of disgraced politico JOHN  EDWARDS and the late ELIZABETH EDWARDS is fighting back.

She’s opened a public service law firm in Washington D.C. with her partner to fight the good fight.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported the last ten years of Cate’s life have been more than traumatic – the loss of her brother Wade, losing her mother to breast cancer amidst her father’s love child scandal that turned the two time Presidential contender into persona non grata.

Although John Edwards fall was the result of his own hubris and unwillingness to keep his pants zipped, he ultimately paid the price for his affair with Rielle Hunter.   

Standing daily by her father’s side during his trial for alleged misuse of Presidential campaign funds to reportedly buy a conspiracy of silence, Cate slowly emerged into the national spotlight.

Cate, 31, first opened a charity in her late mother’s name and now she’s stepping up to the plate – legally.

“We as people can’t get through anything tough alone, and we rely on one another,” Cate told ABC News. “I’ve relied on my family and my friends, and that support system got me through.

 “Any obstacles that I maybe ran into along the way they are now in the past. We are all moving forward we all have a strong relationship and yeah, we’re still a family.”

Edwards, has started a public interest law firm based in Washington D.C. with her partner, Sharon Eubanks –Edwards and Eubanks LLC. Their firm specializes in employment issues, consumer rights, environmental justice and civil rights.

Edwards and Eubanks hope to use their resources to help provide a level playing field for working people ensuring that high-quality legal representation is not limited just to big corporations and the wealthy.

“I’ve always wanted a legal career where I helped people where I was able to give something back and make a difference,” Cate said.