THE teenage daughter of dis­graced politico JOHN EDWARDS and his late wife ELIZABETH is out of control, sources say.

Emma Claire Edwards, 14, has been ranting about sex, drugs and parties on social media websites, and pals are blasting her father for being a poor parent, the sources add.

“It’s clear that John has lost total control of Emma Claire or she’s just not listening to him,” a source close to the family told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s shocking how much Emma has changed since her mom died, and John’s lack of supervision is definitely a big factor. It’s even more outrageous that he isn’t monitoring her Internet activity.

“If her mother were alive, she’d have Emma grounded for life. Elizabeth must be turning over in her grave.”

Elizabeth lost her brave battle with breast cancer at age 61 in December 2010, leaving Emma and her brother Jack, now 12, to be raised by their father at the family estate in Chapel Hill, N.C.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Edwards, 59, recently moved his one­time mistress Rielle Hunter and their love child Quinn nearby so he could better co-parent their daughter.

Meanwhile, Emma has been posting personal family photographs on her Twitter page. She’s also using the pop­ular blogging site to reveal intimate details about her life, painting herself as a boy-crazy party girl.

In August, the wayward teen shared a photo that showed her frowning and flashing the middle finger with the caption, “forever alone y’all.”

The day after Christmas she wrote: “My goal is to have a project x party at my house” – a reference to the 2012 film “Project X” about a wild, drug-fueled house party.

Emma’s also made outra­geous references to menstrual cycles, her brother and mastur­bation, and she posted a naked photo of actor Channing Tatum from the stripper film “Mag­ic Mike” with the headline, “CHANNING F****** TATUM you are welcome ladies.”

She even slammed Republi­can presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Election Day, sarcas­tically writing: “Who wouldn’t want this genius to be leading the country?”

The family source added: “Emma is clearly out of control. And there’s no one to blame ex­cept her father. Other relatives and (her older married sister) Cate have tried to steer her down the right path, but it really comes down to John. Of course, Emma resents Rielle, and doesn’t want anything to do with the woman who wrecked her family.

“At heart, Emma is a good girl, but she’s unsupervised and it shows. John needs to tighten the reins and get her off Twitter before she does serious damage to her reputation.”