“Joe Millionaire” runner-up Sarah Kozer insists she was never attracted to bachelor Evan Marriott and claims the hit reality show was a hoax from start to finish.

In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, the bitter blonde took potshots at the program’s producers, called Paul the butler “snotty” and warned other would-be reality show contestants to run the other way.

“There’s just so much that people didn’t see,” Sarah, 29, told The ENQUIRER. “All the good stuff, the really scandalous stuff, never made it to television.

“There were a couple of times when we all just wanted to leave. But every time we tried, the producers would talk us into staying.”

Sarah, who posed nude for Playboy after losing out to fellow bachelorette Zora Andrich, said she will blow the lid off the show’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans once her contract with FOX expires.

She insists she faked a fondness for show star Evan Marriott — a construction worker pretending to be a millionaire — to please producers.

“I was never attracted to him,” Sarah said. “I didn’t want him to pick me. If I had wanted him to pick me at all, it would have been to flatter my ego. I was really there for the free trip.”

Marriott has admitted that his romance with Zora was phony and that there had never been any real spark between them.

Sarah said she and her fellow contestants were told that Paul Hogan was to be their butler at the French chateau where the program was filmed. But as the show progressed, Hogan got carried away with his own importance, she said.

“If we needed anything from deodorant to afternoon tea, we were told we should call Paul,” Sarah told The ENQUIRER. “But as he got more camera time, he became resentful of that.

“We all started thinking, ‘Is this guy a butler or an actor? What’s going on?’ Paul got very snotty.”

Sarah also blasted FOX for refusing to come to her rescue when stalkers surrounded her home after the show aired.

“Someone actually published my address and phone number on the Internet, so for three solid weeks, it was madness,” she said. “I had stalkers in my bushes and people actually got attacked outside my house, and FOX would do nothing. They gave me no support.”