Zora Andrich — the sweet and innocent girl-next-door finalist on “Joe Millionaire” — is hiding a raunchy secret. She appeared in an ultra-sexy calendar featuring partially nude women!

Although Zora gained a reputation as the conservative contestant who doesn’t even like to kiss on a first date, The ENQUIRER went behind the scenes and discovered her prim-and-proper image is a big act.

The naked truth is that almost two years ago, the New Jersey stunner stripped down to almost nothing to be Miss July for a shocking calendar with 11 other scantily clad girls.

And get — — nobody would appreciate Zora’s near-nude debut more than $19,000-a-year construction worker Evan Marriott, because her body was featured in a 2001 promotional calendar for bulldozers, backhoes and tractors.

Judging by the sexy photograph, Zora, 29, isn’t nearly as shy and innocent as TV’s favorite pseudo-millionaire Evan might think.

The only thing that’s covering the bottom portion of her hot bod is a baby blue, teeny-weeny string bikini. A blue see-through sarong wrapped around the middle of her lithe body leaves little to the imagination.

The photo is too explicit to print in a family newspaper.

Photos of other women in the calendar show bare butts and mounds of flesh.

Some of Zora’s pals told The ENQUIRER they’re not shocked their exhibitionist friend posed for the sin-sational photo — but they are shocked how inhibited she pretended to be on TV.

“The Zora that ‘Joe Millionaire’ fans know is nothing more than a fictional character,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER.

“Everyone who really knows her was so surprised to see her playing that shy girl role on ‘Joe Millionaire.’ But Zora felt she had to act that way as a ploy to win Evan’s heart.

“It was all a part of her strategy.”

In fact, Zora welcomed the opportunity to pose for the New Jersey-based heavy equipment company Powerco’s racy calendar, revealed her pal.

“When Zora gets all dolled up, sexuality oozes from her pores. And one of her favorite things to do is to tease men with her smoking hot bod.

“She didn’t think twice about posing for the calendar.”