“STAY sober…we’re here for you!”

John Stamos tweet­ed those words of encouragement to his former “Full House” co-star Jodie Sweetin after learning that the troubled 31-year-old had filed for legal separation from DJ Morty Coyle, her husband of a little more than a year.

“John has always had a soft spot for Jodie,” said a source. “He liter­ally watched her grow up in the eight years ‘Full House’ was on the air, and he feels very protective of her, just like a real-life Uncle Jesse. The last thing he wants is to see her spiral out of control again.”

AS The ENQUIRER previously re­ported, Jodie – who played adorable Stephanie Tanner on the hit show, which ran from 1987 to 1995 – has battled addictions to cocaine, crystal meth and alcohol in the past.

She has worked hard to get sober, but friends fear her most recent mar­riage troubles – she’s been divorced twice before – may cause her to fall off the wagon again.

In paperwork filed at L.A. Coun­ty Court on June 19, Jodie cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and asked that she be awarded full custody of the couple’s only child, Beat­rix, 2, as well as their 2000 Toy­ota Avalon. She also agreed to pay half of the couple’s $200 Kohl’s credit card balance, which may hint at potential money prob­lems.

In Febru­ary 2009, the mother of two  faced a vicious custody battle with second husband Cody Her­pin over her then-9-month-old daughter Zoie after an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER they’d seen Jodie snorting lines of cocaine on a North Carolina film set.

“John doesn’t want to see her go through that again,” said the source. “Whatever it takes to help her through this rough time, he wants her to know that she has friends and doesn’t have to face these hard times alone.”

Jodie, who is currently filming “Defending Santa” with “Super­man” star Dean Cain, seems to be handling the situation well. On June 25, she tweeted: “Thank you to everyone for being kind and supportive.”