Published on: February 3, 2012
Photography by: Zuma Press

DYNASTY star JOAN COLLINS’ daughter Katyana Kass came dangerously close to death after shattering her face in two mysterious falls at her mother's swanky Los Angeles condo building.

The harrowing ordeal began Jan. 28 when “Katy” – Joan’s 38-year-old daughter by her now-deceased third husband, film producer Ron Kass – fell twice at the upscale Sierra Towers. She fainted once in the pool area and then fell again on the threshold of her mother’s apartment.

In the second fall, she smashed bones in her face and nearly lost an eye. The injuries were so severe she had to be rushed by ambulance to nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where her panic-stricken mom held a bedside vigil.

“Joan was beside herself,”a close friend of the legendary actress told The ENQUIRER. “She stayed at the hospital, even sleeping beside Katy’s hospital bed.

“Katy’s out of danger now, but it was touch and go. She could have died. Joan broke down in tears when she saw Katy’s face all bloodied and mangled.

“She told me, ‘I can’t believe this has happened – tell me it’s not real! My Katy could’ve been taken from me!’”

Although details about what led up to the initial fall are sketchy, Katy was found lying on the floor of a poolside dressing room by a security guard after going for a swim, says the friend.

“We don’t know if she slipped after getting out of the pool and banged her head or if she just felt woozy after her swim. But she’d been lying there for a while,” the friend continued.

The guard helped Katy to her feet and took her in the elevator to the apartment on the 25th floor. He was holding onto her tightly, but as they got the door open, “he must have loosened his grip and Katy fell smashing her face on the threshold.”

“There was blood everywhere,” the friend divulged. “She completely crushed her cheek and Katy’s eye came out of its socket. It was a horror show. She was in one hell of a mess.

“Katy was scheduled to be released from Cedars on Jan. 30 and Joan, 78 – with fifth husband Percy Gibson, 46 – planned to arrange around-the-clock care for her.

“She’s been stitched up and the doctors have done a marvelous job. But she has three or four plates in her face and it will be months before she looks normal again,” said the friend.

The dramatic incident was not Katy’s first brush with death.

In 1980, when Katy was almost 9, she was struck by a car and suffered a skull fracture and serious brain stem injuries. She fell into a coma, and doctors told her devastated parents she probably would not pull through.

“But Joan refused to accept the prognosis and set out to prove the experts wrong,” said a source.

After months of round-the-clock care, Katy was able to return home.

“Joan almost lost Katy back then,” added the friend. “She was determined not to lose her now.”