Jennifer Lopez’s husband Cris Judd got so steamed over a steamy love scene the star was shooting with hunky Ben Affleck that the Latin lovely had to send Cris away from the set to cool down!

It was difficult for the actors to do their on-camera clinches for the film “Gigli” while the wildly jealous off-camera hubby was looming nearby, say eyewitnesses.

“Cris insisted on being present during the filming of the scene,” said a source who was on the set in early April when the incident occurred. “Everybody knew that wasn’t a good idea. The scene required Jennifer and Ben to be naked and appear to really go at it. Cris erupted in a jealous rage because Ben is a good-looking guy and he and Jennifer definitely had chemistry.

“Ben was feeling especially uncomfortable having to passionately kiss and pretend to make love to Jennifer while Cris was standing guard. It became so uncomfortable that Ben refused to do the scene while Cris was on the set. He understood how Cris felt, but he also knew Cris wasn’t being reasonable about the situation.”

Even when the movie’s producers got involved, Cris made it clear that he was not leaving the set, telling them, “This is my wife and I’m not going anywhere.”

Finally Jennifer took Cris aside to calm him down. The couple spoke together for a while, and J.Lo persuaded her husband to leave the set by telling him how much she loved him and that this was just part of the job.

“Jennifer told Cris, ‘Come on baby this is what I do — go run some errands or something,’ ” the source told The ENQUIRER. “Cris eventually relented and left. He has to learn that in movie-making, sex scenes come with the territory.” Jennifer has had sex scenes in movies previously, such as her super-hot role in the 1997 film, “U-Turn.” But that was before she married Cris.

A friend of Cris and J.Lo told The ENQUIRER the young couple is still adjusting to married life.

“Cris is still getting used to being married to one of the hottest stars in the world, so there’s going to be a little jealousy on his part,” the friend said.

“He’ll calm down — but you have to remember he loves her dearly and while he trusts her, he doesn’t trust her male co-stars.

“But Cris doesn’t have anything to worry about — Jennifer is madly in love with him. She could have picked any guy in the world, and she chose him.”