Jennifer Lopez has saved the life of a beloved aunt by paying $50,000 for pioneering cancer treatment overseas, The National Enquirer can reveal.

The pop star’s family have praised her selfless act of compassion for 63-year-old Myrza Rodriguez — sister of J.Lo’s mother Guadalupe.

“Jennifer opened her heart — in addition to her wallet,” said a family source. “Her act of loving kindness saved the life of her aunt Myrza. There have been times in the past when Jennifer was labeled a diva in the press, but the truth is she really has a big heart.”

Myrza was said to have been losing her battle with ovarian cancer as she underwent chemotherapy treatment in New York. “It only seemed to make the disease worse — and her condition deteriorated,” said the source.

But then J.Lo’s distraught mother learned about the Leonardis Klinik in Bad Heilbrunn, Germany. The clinic, run by Dr. Albert Scheller, recently treated magician Roy Horn for the horrific injuries he suffered when he was mauled by a tiger in his Las Vegas act Siegfried & Roy.

“Another family member heard about this alternative cancer treatment center on the radio — and at that point they were willing to try anything,” said the source.

“Jennifer was brought in and she immediately paid for the whole thing, which cost more than $50,000. She loves her aunt dearly — and was willing to try anything that would help.”

After six weeks at the clinic, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, Myrza’s cancer apparently went into remission and she is said to have a new lease of life.

The family source said: “What Jennifer did was an absolutely wonderful thing. I just saw Aunt Myzra when she returned from Germany.

“They did a variety of treatments that will extend her life — holistic treatments, blood transfusions and genetic work.

“She wouldn’t have been able to receive the treatment had it not been for Jennifer’s kind-hearted act.”

When contacted by The National Enquirer, Myrza, who is currently staying with her sister in New York, said she was “hopeful” about her new prognosis.

“She (Jennifer) did this for me and I was able to get the best treatment possible,” she added. “My experience over there was very enlightening. The trip wouldn’t have been possible without her. I thank her so very much.”

J.Lo’s mother Guadalupe told us: “She paid for everything. It was a great thing to do. Myrza was very sick.”