JENNIFER LOPEZ’s young lover, Casper Smart, is pushing the superstar to adopt a child with him, but there’s one thing standing in the way – her mom!

Sources say J.Lo’s mother, Guadal­upe, is so furious over the idea of the couple adopting a child from Mexico that she’s been telling pals she’ll “slap Jennifer upside the head” if she even considers it.

But Casper, 25, is anxious to move his relationship forward with the 43-year-old diva, who already has 4-year-old twins – Max and Emme – from her marriage to Marc Anthony.

“Casper and Jennifer have touched on the baby conversation before, but apparently she’s had a few miscarriage scares, and her age makes getting pregnant unpredictable,” a source divulged. “Casper brought up adoption as an alternative solution.

“She hasn’t said no and she hasn’t said yes – and he’s starting to get a bit pushy about it.”

According to the source, Casper’s family has strong ties to Mexico. His mom, Shawna, spends a lot of time in the country and has inherited her family’s home there.

“Casper grew up taking vacations in Mexico,” said the source. “He definitely wants kids, and thought, ‘Why not adopt from here?’

“He opened up about what he wanted when he took Jennifer to the family house on a secret trip. He’s tried to show her he would make a great father by spending lots of quality time with her twins. Casper wants to be in Jennifer’s life for good, so adopting a child from Mexico together could be the answer.”

Jennifer and Casper, a backup dancer, have been dating since November 2011 following her split from Marc.

But while Casper is ready to embark on a par­enting journey with J.Lo, he may not get his shot if her mom has anything to say about it!

“Guadalupe is livid,” the source added. “She doesn’t approve of Casper and is afraid his bond with Jennifer would be strengthened if they adopted a kid together.”