As JK8 divorce negotiation grind to a finish, missing $80K payoff from TLC discovered.

The lawyers for the estranged Gosselins have finally made some progress in their legal wrangling over the divorce.

At issue was $80,000 from TLC that Jon claimed had "gone missing" when they announced their separation in June and the Hawaiian Eye for the Ladies gave the Martyr Mom’s barristers a deadline to explain where the money went.

But both Jon & Kate bought new cars to celebrate the June split, then blamed the other for spending too much cash.

"When Jon and Kate first announced their divorce, Jon was convinced a large sum of money had been hidden from him," a source said.

"Kate has always been in control of their negotiations with TLC and handled the money from the deal.

"Jon believed she had moved a large sum into a secret trust. His attorney gave her a deadline to reveal where the money is, and she complied."

The source added: "The cash is currently in a trust for the children’s future."