Experienced or NOT – Jimi Hendrix back nearly 40 years after his death with the release of brand spanking new tracks.

Hendrix, the undisputed King of Electric Guitar, has a newly curated album featuring more than a dozen previously unreleased tracks is being launched today by  Experience Hendrix LLC and Sony Music Entertainment’s Legacy Recording.

The 2010 Jimi Hendrix Catalog Project will debut Tuesday, March 9, with the release of Valleys of Neptune, including more than 60 minutes of kick-ass music never commercially available on a Jimi Hendrix album.

Valleys of Neptune’ has long been one of the most sought after Jimi Hendrix recording.

The song will be released worldwide as a single on February 2, 2010, nearly forty years after Jimi finished recording the track at New York’s Record Plant in May, 1970.

"It’s wonderfully fresh material," enthused longtime Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer, who originally recorded, and newly mixed, the Neptune tracks, employing high-tech digital and analog gear to sweeten the acid-rock mix.

"You hear the pure essence of the band, an in-your-face vibrancy. There were only four tracks and no overdubs, with Jimi singing as if he’s in a concert.

"He’s at the top of his game."

Rock legends never die, they just fade out . . . until someone drops the needle again.