Guess who gets all the moolah if JESSICA SIMPSON dies? According to divorce filing of her parents Joe and Tina Simpson, they do!

According to an 18-page decree of divorce filed as part of the pair’s multi-million dollar divorce settlement — reported— the Fashion Star’s parents have “undivided one half–ownership interest in and one half beneficiary of the American General Life Insurance policy ending in 510 in the life of Jessica A. Simpson.”

There is no mention of any life insurance policy of Joe and Tina’s youngest daughter, Ashlee.

A judge in McLennan County finalized the couple’s divorce on April 22 after 34 years of marriage.

In the division of assets, the pair will also split profits from Tina’s business with Jessica and Joe’s management of both daughter’s careers, it’s revealed.

Joe, 55, was also ordered to fork over an unspecified amount of money to Tina, 53, from a JP Morgan Chase and Co. bank account that had $2.1 million parked in it.

As the ENQUIRER previously reported in a series of exclusives the Simpons marriage disintegrated after a male escort claimed to have sex with Big Joe.