Bighearted Dolly Parton is out to save Jessica Simpson’s flagging music career!

After Jessica’s debut country CD tanked, Dolly personally offered to bankroll Jess’ second country album on her label, Dolly Records, sources say.

"Dolly sees a lot of herself in Jessica. Her personal life has been the focal point of a lot of unwanted attention, and like Jessica, she’s had to battle her own doubts and demons," a friend divulged.

"But Dolly is a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps kind of gal, and she’s tried to instill some of that in Jessica."

Back in 2003, Jessica’s pop album In This Skin sold a whopping 5 million copies. The Texas-born singer tried to recapture that glory by courting a country crowd, but her CD "Do You Know" sold fewer than 200,000 copies, and her record label Sony Nashville dumped her.

Jessica, 28, didn’t help her cause when she packed on weight during her tour to promote the CD, forgot lyrics on stage and broke down crying while talking to the audience. Despite all that, Dolly was quick to defend her.

"I think every entertainer’s had nights when things go wrong," the 63-year-old music legend told CNN’s Larry King. "But I know that Jessica is a good girl. She’s beautiful to me. I’ve never been around a person any sweeter in my life."

And friends say Jess’ spirits already are on the upswing after several heart-to-heart chats with the 9 to 5 superstar.

"Jessica adores Dolly and trusts her completely," a source close to the Simpson camp told The ENQUIRER.

"She says she’s ready to roll up her sleeves again, and she certainly wants success. But she doesn’t always seem willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. She would blow off tour rehearsals to hang out with Tony (Romo).

"Dolly is giving Jess a second chance. But if Jess is to succeed, ultimately she’s the one who has to make it happen."