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Jennifer Aniston is driving the cast and crew of her new film nuts by making them cater to the special man in her life — her beloved 13-year-old pooch, Norman!

The 40-year-old former Friends star has been working more than 14 hours a day on the set of her new movie, The Baster, and has been barking orders to the film’s crew about how to take care of her canine companion.

“Norman is important in Jen’s life. But the crew is fed up with having to dote on him,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

Jennifer adopted the corgi/terrier mix in the mid-’90s, and Norman has proven to be her most loyal companion, seeing her through the emotional upheaval of a marriage and divorce with Brad Pitt and tumultuous love affairs.

Jennifer’s most recent boyfriend — John Mayer — was frequently charged with walking Norman. In fact, according to reports, one of the reasons Jen cooled on John was because Norman never warmed to him.

“But Norman is a nuisance on set,” the insider added. “Jen needs him around all the time but she won’t stand for him being chained up. So the dog has his own chair near the director, and Jennifer also has a doggy masseuse tend to Norman every day.

“She even insists that norman eat with the crew, and that he’s fed organic, human-grade food. So Jen’s assistant has special plates made up by the caterer with free-range white meat chicken and organic rice.

“Norman eats healthier and better than most humans!”

Jennifer requires crew members to walk the coddled canine no less than three times a day — and they’re responsible for cleaning up after him.

“Right now it seems like Jen’s given up on men and has decided to shower all of her affection on her dog,” added the insider. “You’d kind of feel sorry for her — if she wasn’t dumping the dirty work of caring for Norman on everyone else!”