Jennifer Love Hewitt’s romance with hunky British actor Paul Nicholls has gone from reel life to real life — the two have been spotted getting lovey-dovey inside her trailer.

The former “Party of Five” beauty is in London to star in and produce the movie “If Only,” playing a musician who falls for a British businessman portrayed by Nicholls, 23.

But set insiders say it didn’t take long for the sizzling on-screen chemistry between the couple to spill over to their off-screen time.

“Between takes they’ve been seen holding hands as they walk through the streets, and they don’t seem to care who sees them,” a movie insider disclosed.

“They’re very lovey-dovey. On one day Paul was seen popping into Jennifer’s trailer on two occasions, before and after lunch, and I could see two figures hugging and kissing inside.”

Jennifer — who hit the big time with “I Know What You Did Last Summer” — has packed a lot of romance into her 23 years.

Alec Baldwin became infatuated with her when they filmed “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” She’s also been linked to Broadway stars Craig Bierko and Patrick Wilson, Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias, Jamaican singer Shaggy, MTV VJ Carson Daly, “Blossom” star Joey Lawrence and rock singer Rich Cronin.

And just weeks before she fell for latest squeeze Paul, she was dating another English hunk in London, BBMak rocker Christian Burns.

But Paul is no slouch in the dating game, either — he has a history of flings with gorgeous models and actresses.

“Paul’s got a trail of broken hearts behind him — he’s footloose and fancy-free,” said a London show business insider.

“Paul’s not going to be tied down by anybody just yet — even a hot Hollywood star like Jennifer!”