Ben Affleck has found love on the rebound ? with down-to-earth “Alias” star Jennifer Garner. And the handsome actor — who’s had his share of high-profile romances — appreciates fun-loving Jennifer and the joy she finds in the simple things in life, say sources. “Jennifer is as non-diva as they come,” declared a source close to the couple.

“She’s a girl who throws herself totally into her work and keeps her relationships quiet.

“Jennifer isn’t clingy or drawn to the Hollywood limelight. She isn’t super demanding of Ben’s time, either. “Jennifer’s also fine with Ben playing poker in Vegas for several days at a time.”

The couple got to know each other when they worked on the film “Pearl Harbor” in 2000, but in the past few months, the friendship has blossomed into romance — with Ben visiting Jennifer on the Canadian set of her “Daredevil” spin-off “Elektra” and on the L.A. set of her hit TV series “Alias.”


The two have also gone out on several recent under-the-radar dates. Ben has secretly visited Jen in her trailer on “Alias” since the show began production for the fall season and they’ve also been seen strolling the grounds of the Hotel Bel-Air together. They constantly send affectionate text messages to each other on their cell phones. The star and his new girlfriend are avoiding the Hollywood spotlight, says the close source.

“They love going for hikes, running on the beach, going for morning coffee or heading to an out-of-theway restaurant. And if Ben wants to throw a ball around, Jennifer is into it. She’s a real athlete.

“Ben vowed he’d never have another under-the- Hollywood-microscope relationship. And Jennifer’s last relationship with ‘Alias’ co-star Michael Vartan was so downplayed that it was over before a lot of people realized they’d been a couple.

“Ben is thrilled he’s found love.” Confided an insider: “The romance has been a long time coming. “Ben and Jennifer have a natural chemistry that threatened to explode when they made ‘Daredevil’ in 2002.

“Despite rumors of an on-set tryst at the time, Jennifer was still married to ‘Felicity’ co-star/husband Scott Foley.”

Concluded a source close to the actor: “Ben recently told pals in Las Vegas, ‘Jen’s perfect for me.’ He said there’s no pressure, no expectations, no diva drama — and she lets him play poker whenever he wants.”