JEN slammed BIG TIME by money mag Forbes as “over-paid” and “overrated”. WHO else got the bum's rush?!

Forbes named the top 10 stars in its "Most Overpaid Actors" list by calculating the last three movies each actor or actress starred in within the last three years. They then plotted the average return on investment with pay, film budgets and other expenses.

Simply put, how does it cost to cast the celebrity versus how much the film actually made in revenue.

Shockingly everyone’s favorite “Friend” Jen made the list and despite her effervescent popularity, her films don’t make the big bucks versus how much studios paid the coiffed cutie.

While Jen made the “overrated” grade there’s a few other  thesps including A-list thesps like Matt Damon and Denzel Washington who also earned financial brickbats from the mag.

But the ultimate NO-PRIZE winner?

So-called funnyman Adam Sandler, who rated Numero Uno most overpaid actor, according to Forbes.

That’s not much of a stretch with Sandler bombs "Jack & Jill" and "That's My Boy" stinking up theatres faster than the stench of days-old popcorn butter.