“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston is shocked and appalled by an ad for a sleazy Mexico massage parlor that uses her photo to lure customers seeking sex.

The photo — which was taken five years ago for a provocative Rolling Stone magazine layout — has been blatantly ripped off by the Angel Skin massage parlor near Cancun, Mexico, suggesting that the actress works for them as a lady of the night!

“Jennifer is furious,” a friend declared. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she took legal action. But she’s a realist. She knows when you’re a superstar your image is up for grabs.

“Obviously she knows it’s ludicrous for anyone to think that she’d work in a bordello. That’s nonsensical.

“But she is angry. Anyone would be. It’s a crime to steal a star’s image and try to sell sex.”

Connecticut construction worker Albert M. Mastri came across the ad while on vacation with his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend and I are very sexually adventurous and we decided to call in another woman for a threesome,” Mastri, 35, told The ENQUIRER.

“We picked up the local phone book looking for escort services.”

That’s when he saw Jennifer’s pouty, come-hither photo in the ad for Angel Skin, which boasted: “We’re the best in the country and we have no competition.”

“I was shocked — but hoping for the best,” Mastri joked.

“I asked what it was all about and what to expect. They told me it was a full-service establishment!”