TALK about making a stink! Jennifer Aniston has kicked fiancé Justin Theroux out of her bedroom because he can’t stop breaking wind, a close friend claims.

Justin turned into a natural gas hazard after Jen put him on a spe­cial diet, says the source – and now he’s sleeping alone until his tummy troubles go away.

“HE CAN’T WIN, THAT GUY,” said the friend. “The sad thing is the flatulence problem is not his fault at all.”

As The ENQUIRER recently re­ported, Jen and Justin, 41, were on vacation in Mexico, where they feasted on high-calorie treats pre­pared by a private chef.

The 44-year-old “Friends” beau­ty ditched her rigorous diet and exercise routines for enchiladas, guacamole and chips. Photos of her even had us wondering if she had a bun in the oven or just an extra bur­rito in her belly.

But upon the couple’s return to Los Angeles, the insider says Jennifer cooked up a special menu for her vegetarian beau that quickly poisoned the at­mosphere.

“She put him on a strict diet of legumes – lentils, beans and soy beans,” disclosed the friend.

The two are hotly rumored to be trying for a baby, but the friend noted: “The result of the bean-filled diet threatens to put a glitch in their family plans.

“Justin’s gas attack has been no laughing matter.”

An insider divulged Justin is “up­set with Jen for temporarily evicting him from the bedroom. He feels he can’t make her happy no matter what he does.

“I think he’s bent over backward for her – shaving off his beloved beard, upgrading to Jen’s favor­ite expensive bed sheets and even changing friends. But he hates being told what to eat by Jen, who’s also assigned strict mealtimes.

“Justin feels he should be allowed to eat what he wants and when, and Jen – who’s been looking at the empty side of the bed – must be starting to agree.”

A rep for the actress said Jennifer thinks the pal’s allegations are “hilari­ous” but “false.”